Room-to-Room Home Additions

When considering a home renovation, think outside of the box for design inspiration and setting the overall tone. With homeowners staying in their homes longer due to the economy, renovations should focus on usability and personal style. For those homeowners looking to sell, the market is still very much a buyer’s space, so quality additions that increase value are certainly top of mind.



Luckily, there’s no need to knock down walls or move plumbing to make an impact. Simply start with small, quality updates to pack a dramatic punch for less money. Here are some ways to add quality and comfort within the different spaces of your home.


As the first thing visitors see, your front door should always provide a good impression, reflecting the beauty that emanates throughout your home. Matching the exterior and interior with doors creates a flow into outdoor living spaces. Using doors as a part of the overall aesthetic can also allow for some creativity with glass accents or bold color choices. Choose a reliable door manufacturer that offers a wide breadth of finishes and styles using wood, steel and fiberglass.

Living Room

Add decorative touches to your living room with repurposed items found around the house. Fill a decorative pitcher or an old tin watering can with fresh flowers from the garden to add elegance to your coffee table. Wrap assorted globe lighting fixtures or mason jars with wire and hang them in a grouping to display votive candles. For an eclectic and shabby chic feel, turn a vintage drawer on end to use as a bookshelf or bring in an old wooden crate to use as a side table.




From tiles and countertops to faucets and showerheads, the options are endless for bathroom updates. With wall-hung, stand-alone or pedestal styles, your choices for a new vanity are no exception. During a renovation, some homeowners begin their project by focusing on other bathroom elements like those mentioned above. But starting with the addition of a new vanity will set the stage for your bathroom and provide a focal point for the other design elements.


Refreshing your kitchen doesn’t require a major update. Add a new color to existing cabinetry by refinishing or adding a new coat of paint. Would you like to add a glossy shine to the kitchen? Simply apply mesh-back glass tile to fit the dimensions of cabinet door panels. Finish the update with a modern touch by replacing outdated hardware with the many new, stylish options available.

Rooms Throughout

From the master bedroom to the hall entryway, hardwood floors provide the ultimate in beauty and ambiance. Refinishing gives your existing tired, worn out floors an instant upgrade that shines from room to room.

By focusing on a few quality updates, you can add beauty and comfort to your home to be enjoyed for many years or add value in a competitive housing market. For more design ideas and tips, visit or