Richmond Parkway Took Effect on March 25th

The City of Richmond has moved closer to achieving a key goal of its Comprehensive Master Plan. The Master Plan recognizes the importance of increasing awareness of the dynamic city in the region and creating a signature gateway into Richmond is a priority to accomplishing this goal. As a result, the City Commission of Richmond had voted in favor of renaming a portion of Williams Way Boulevard to Richmond Parkway effective March 25th, 2019. Communication of this name change, with residents and businesses along this roadway, has been occurring over the last couple of months.

This proposed name change is part of a larger coordinated effort between the City of Richmond and Fort Bend County as the county has initiated renaming the portion of Williams Way located in the county, extending south to US 59. The portion of Williams Way planned for renaming includes the section starting from the north side of U.S. 59 continuing along Front, Austin and Second Streets. This stretch of roadway forms the main corridor between U.S. 59 and U.S. 90 A/Jackson Street and currently includes several street names in different sections of the road. Utilizing a single name for the entire roadway will create a more unified name that represents all the residents of Richmond. Changing the name of this designated corridor entrance is intended to bolster the City’s image by providing important way-finding and community branding efforts.

The City of Richmond has lead all coordination efforts for 911 services, US Postal Services and utility and transportation related services. The City has also planned future mobility improvements for the corridor that will enhance the connectivity of the Judicial Center to Richmond’s historic district and downtown area.