New Year’s Resolutions

Kolton and Patti Kaminski at the University of Texas.

By Patti Parish-Kaminski –

It’s that time of year when everything is new – new year, new semester, and of course, New Year’s Resolutions.  What will you resolve to do or to be in 2018?  With my last little birdie leaving the nest for college this year, I resolve to spend every possible moment I can with him – despite his protests!

Starting the new year off fresh, with some new goals, some new ideas, is always refreshing.  Now whether we stick to those goals is indeed another story for later in the year.  We wondered what some of our Brazos friends and neighbors are resolving to do in the New Year, so we asked them, and here’s what they had to say

“What is a New Year’s Resolution?  We believe resolutions are the steps to take towards being the person you want to be and living the life you want to live.  With our first grandbaby on the way (due in April), we want to spend more time with our growing family!  As we get older, we find that family and good friends are so good for the soul.  Laughter, memories, cooking a creative meal, long weekend trips and spending precious time with our granddaughter.  And, attempting some of the Pinterest ideas Laurie has pinned!”

  Mike and Laurie Mercado
    BR Vino and Brazos River Provisions

“If 2017 taught us anything, it’s how resilient and strong we are, but also how kind and caring we can be to one another.  My New Year’s Resolution for 2018 and beyond is to maintain that level of care, attention and concern for my neighbors and my constituents.  Even though the storm is over and the water has receded, I hope to be vigilant in my service to others and passionate about it.  And if I could lose a few a    Vincent Morales – Fort Bend County Commissioner, Precinct 1

“I strive to improve every day, both personally and professionally.  I feel if you aren’t moving forward, you are slipping backward.”

– Joe Freudenberger
    CEO Oakbend Medical Center

“I want to ‘stop and smell the roses.’  People have told me that I work too much, and they are right.  I realize that I need more personal time outside of the office.  I need to delegate, scale back working hours to more reasonable amounts and develop the capacity to disconnect from work when on vacation or not at the office.  I want to reconnect with family and friends and develop interests and hobbies outside of work.”

– Elizabeth Duff-Drodz
    Mitchell & Duff, LLC

“The day-in, day-out of being a superintendent usually doesn’t allow time in the schedule for exercise. Although I started a few months ago, I resolve to take better care of myself, primarily by waking up early enough to walk my neighborhood, getting in those steps. So far, my weight has dropped a bit, while my energy has improved. It’s a little thing, but it is making a big difference.”

– Dr. Thomas Randle
   Superintendent, Lamar Consolidated ISD

“The new year brings a reminder to myself to practice what I teach.  I plan to invest in my own health insuring my future in a preventative maintenance program that includes more fresh air, deeper breathing, an exercise program, serious water intake and proper nutrition –  along with juicing, rest, sleep and moderate electronics.”

– Joyce Long
Joyce Long’s Wellness Institute

“My goal is to continue volunteer work and meet new people.  Continuing to devote my extra time and energy to helping those in need is a reward in itself, but it is also an opportunity to meet new people.  I enjoy being an active member of our community. and volunteering allows me to find interesting things and have fun doing it.”

– Carl Drodz
    Commissioner, City of Richmond

“I am not a big resolution making person, but after recently becoming a grief recovery specialist, I am going to really be more mindful about being ‘present’ in my own everyday life and those of my loved ones. I have lots of life transitions coming this next year, and I just want to be able to take them all in without the cloudiness of worry, self-doubt or fear, creeping in and stealing me of the joy that each experience will bring!”

– Jill Davis
Lamar Consolidated ISD Common Threads