Meet Shalom Akinwunmi

By Joan Frances –

George Bush High School has a diversified population of students from all over the world. Seniors graduate with academic qualifications but also with the experience of extracurricular activities that benefit them in their future endeavors. One senior who has achieved successes on many levels is Shalom Akinwunmi.

Shalom has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school career. She won the College Board AP award, is on the “A” Honor role and received the Academic Excellence Award. She placed 4th in Speech at the Academic Decathlon Invitational and 6th place in Editorial Writing at the University Interscholastic League District competition. She is a member of the National Honor Society and the Academic Decathlon Team. She participated in a conference to celebrate diversity in Fort Bend ISD at the Fort Bend Diversity Conference.

Shalom is the President of the United Nations International Children’s Emergency Fund (UNICEF) and Parliamentarian for the Math Honor Society. Her leadership skills are commendable. “It is rewarding to know that I am contributing to the unification and mobilization of my peers,” said Shalom. “UNICEF Club is where I am most largely involved. As president, I take pride in the fact that I, along with others in my age group, am choosing to look beyond myself and help people who are in need.”

Shalom’s favorite teacher was Dr. John Day, who taught her English. Shalom recalled, “I had always loved English, but he really made the subject come to life for me. I grew so much as a student in his class; every day I learned something new. I finished off the year with a new appreciation for the English language, and I’m grateful to Dr. Day for contributing to this.”

One value that Shalom lives by is passion. “I believe that it is important to live a passionate life. Our passion translates into everything that we do and have, from our work to our relationships. Passion fuels ambition and allows goals to be realized. A passionate life is one that is experienced to the fullest, and I strive to live this way.  Anita Roddick said, ‘To succeed, you have to believe in something with such a passion that it becomes reality.’”

Shalom’s years in high school have helped her grow into a conscientious individual. “High school is where I began to seriously consider what I could do with my life. It is where I learned to think for myself and plan for my future. I will treasure the people who I met who helped push me to be where I am today, and I will treasure the journey that I took to become the person that I am.”

In addition to her extracurricular accomplishments, Shalom is an active volunteer at Sunrise Senior Living Center. She spends time interacting with the residents and assists with serving dinner and cleaning. This past summer, she worked with ENT Dr. Joy Obokhare and surgeon Dr. Izi Obokhare in Amarillo, Texas. Shalom spent 21 hours in the Otolaryngology clinic and 11 hours in operating room night call. She was taught how to read MRI and CT scans and shadowed three surgeries. She also volunteered for 79 hours at Methodist Hospital.

Shalom is still sorting out several college opportunities. She aspires to attend either Yale with a major in Biology or the University of Texas with a major in Biochemistry this fall. Thank you for your generous contributions to helping your fellow man. Congratulation on your extensive accomplishments, and good luck as you take the next step to a fulfilling future.