Meet Camryn Ritchey

By Joan Frances –

As a senior at Lamar Consolidated High School, Camryn Ritchey has enjoyed four years of the full high school experience. From stressful classes, engaging clubs and forever relationships, Camryn considers it a wild ride, but one she will remember and treasure for many years to come.

Camryn has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her high school career. She is the president of PAL’s (Peer Assistance and Leadership) and couldn’t be happier. “It’s taught me how to be a part of my community, and I’m thrilled to have this year’s new members and to learn from them,” shared Camryn. “PAL’s has been an encouragement through the years to try new things and get out of my comfort zone. This stretched my abilities to communicate, and I was forced to talk to crowds and get personal with complete strangers. I was the one people came to with questions and ideas. I co-hosted events with my instructor, like a fitness and wellness day for the student body, and helped construct greenhouses for Aquaponics. This prepared me to travel across the world to love on people who didn’t even speak the same language as me.”

Camryn Ritchey’s study session is fueled by her noodle obsession.

Through PAL’s Camryn has volunteered at schools, for Hurricane Relief programs and in her local town. She has several positive influences at Lamar that she feels are a part of who she is now. “My PAL’s instructor, Mrs. Charlotte Ham, inspired me to pursue my dreams and be the friend I have always wanted to be,” said Camryn. “She taught me how to survive in the real world by being a model of a successful woman. Ms. Julie McCain, my English teacher, helped me to express who I truly am. The team of coaches, all Social Studies teachers, Richard Segura, Stephen Goodwin and Brandon Strother, instilled in me a strong sense of community and esprit de corps.”

One value that Camryn lives by is goodness. “Every day I receive a message from my mom to ‘Do Good Be Good.’ It’s a reminder that I am not just being told to act good but to make the choice and be the good. Desmond Tutu said, ‘Do your little bit of good where you are; it’s those little bits of good put together that overwhelm the world.’ And Olianna Portnoy said, ‘Be good and you shall

Camryn Ritchey in Romania. Photos by Regina Rice.

always see good in everything and everyone and even in yourself.’  My placement as an officer in PAL’s is fulfilling because it assists me in pursuing the plan I am designed for: To be the change and do good.”

One thing that Camryn will cherish the most about her high school experience is diversity. “I will treasure the diversity that I am accustomed to daily. I see through a lens of multiple cultures and economic backgrounds. Here, I can view the perspectives of people from all walks of life. I witness the magic of the moment, good or bad, always teaching me something new about myself and the people around me. Although I am proud of these experiences, my greatest accomplishment would be attending Lamar High School. It is the staff and students here that pushed me to live to my fullest potential, and I am eternally grateful.”

Camryn is still exploring her options for college after graduation. She would like to major in Education and minor in Psychology. She has considered taking a gap year for mission work or joining the Peace Corps. We admire your positive outlook on life and look forward to watching the path you take. Good luck as you embark on the next step to making positive impact in society.