Lone Star Karate Stands Up to Bullying

Karate is one of the best gifts parents can give their child to prevent bullying. Shawn Vicknair, owner and Chief Instructor at Lone Star Karate, explains, “One of the biggest reasons parents bring their children to Lone Star is to help with bullying.”

The traits learned from karate like confidence, discipline, respect, self-control, self-defense and developing leadership have proven to reduce the likelihood that a child will be bullied or become a bully.

Confidence helps prevent a child from becoming an easy target for bullies. Self-discipline allows a child to manage his or her behaviors so as not to provoke a bully. A warning sign of bullying is a low self-image and a loss of self worth. Karate teaches children to have self-respect and to expect to be respected by others.  Many victims of bullying do not recognize that their own behavior can trigger bullying. 

Karate also teaches self-control, which allows children to control their own behaviors that may stop a negative situation. Karate students learn various self-defense techniques that will help if bullying escalates to physical violence.  Bullies lack empathy and ignore the feelings of others. Karate can prevent bullying by helping bullies develop the capacity for empathy in fellow students. 

Next time you are looking for an activity for your child, consider Karate, which can proactively change your child. Lone Star Karate is located at 222 FM 359 at Hwy 90 in Richmond. For more information, call 281-513-5566.