“It ain’t bragging if it’s true.” Anonymous Texas quote

Howdy, y’all! Welcome to a new, regular column in the absolutely! focus media family of magazines. We’re calling it Fort Bend Strong. Our intent is to point out why Fort Bend County is the greatest place in the United States to raise a family, start a business, and chase your American Dream. That’s Fort Bend Strong!

Fort Bend Courthouse in Richmond. Photo source: fortbendcountytx.gov.

Having the honor of being the elected United States Congressman for nearly all of Fort Bend County for twelve years, I have a unique perspective on why we are Fort Bend Strong. It comes from being one of 36 Members of Congress from Texas and one of 441 Representatives from all 50 states, five territories and one federal district.

One of the things Members of Congress typically talk about is their home. We ask a lot of questions. “Tell me about the district you represent. How’s your local economy doing? Are you adding jobs? How are you doing with recovery from natural disasters – hurricanes, floods, tornadoes, fires, etc.? Are your public schools in trouble? Are your roads one massive pothole? Do you ever wish your home wasn’t so dependent on dollars coming from Washington, DC?”

Every time a colleague asked me questions like these, a big Fort Bend Strong smile appeared on my face. My answers were facts we all know. Our economy? Booming. Our job creation? Explosive. Our recovery from Harvey? Great. Our public schools?  Outstanding and diverse. Terrible roads? Nope. Dependent on money from Washington? Huh?!?

They would all shake their heads in disbelief, especially friends from California and New York. A few accused me of bragging without facts. They really did. It became clear very quickly that my colleagues’ reactions weren’t about unjustified Texas bragging. They were about an overwhelming jealousy of Texas.

Since Texas jealousy rages in every other state in the United States, we felt it was important that y’all have the necessary tools to teach “the uninformed” why Texas is so special. Even some of our Texas neighbors who don’t live in Fort Bend County are jealous of Fort Bend.   Fort Bend Strong is a way to correct these misguided attitudes.

Each Fort Bend Strong column will share real stories about real Fort Bend residents – ordinary neighbors who respond to life’s challenges in a self-sacrificing manner that makes all of us better – Fort Bend Strong. Some of these stories may bring tears of Fort Bend pride to your eyes.  That’s Okay – that’s Fort Bend Strong.

You can help. If you have a Fort Bend Strong story, please send it to pete@absolutelyfocusmedia.com. Fort Bend Strong is not about politics. If you want political viewpoints and comments, feel free to watch MSNBC or Fox News. Our columns will be only positive and only about us.

We are Fort Bend Strong!