Is Swimsuit Season Sneaking up on You?

Did you know that functional flexibility is your ability to keep your body in balance? Balanced muscle strength and range of motion of the joints allows your body to coordinate movement properly. Ultimately, this minimizes the risk of injury and increases your mobility, which allows you to lead a more active life.

Did you know that regardless of your inner clock, the optimal work-out time is in the afternoon and early evening? During the second half of the day, the body’s systems are geared up for action; the heart and lungs are performing most efficiently, and the body is most limber. 

If your goal is to tone up your body, you will need resistance training to firm your muscles, but to see the shape of the muscle more, you will have to burn the fat off, and that is primarily done with cardiovascular training.

Lone Star Karate’s Kickboxing Class is a high-energy, cardio workout that feels more like fun than hard work. Incorporating functional flexibility in the workouts, they fix up your routine with balance, coordination and strength-building moves while burning calories, increasing flexibility and building confidence.

Lone Star Karate’s group exercise instructors are highly qualified and will work with individuals at all levels of athletic training. And, no matter what your starting fitness level, kickboxing classes will help move you to the next level in a fun, rewarding and exciting environment.

Lone Star Karate is located at 222 FM 359 at Hwy. 90 in Richmond. For more information, call 281-513-5566.