Future Physician Receives Medical Leader Nomination

Shafi S. Dharani, sophomore at Stephen F. Austin High School.

Shafi S. Dharani, rising sophomore at Stephen F. Austin High School, has promise to become a medical professional who offers a calm, patient-oriented approach as a future cardiac surgeon, one of his earliest passions. Offering both proactive and reactive care to patients intrigues Dharani, and his motto, “Human kindness is the most powerful medicine” has pushed him to pursue preemptive education for the medical field.

For Dharani, being acknowledged and nominated for the Congress of Future Medical Leaders has uplifted his confidence in becoming a future doctor. He has been nominated by Dr. Mario Capecchi, winner of a Noble Prize in Medicine, to represent his hometown of Sugar Land, Texas, based on Dharani’s academic achievements, leadership potential, and plans to serve humanity in the field of medicine.

Dharani’s fulfillment of his duties as a leader, scholar and volunteer contributed to his acceptance into many prestigious organizations, including the National Honor Society, Health Occupational Students of America and the National Academy of Future Physicians and Medical Scientists. He is ambitious and responsible in his work ethic, which has given him the opportunity to work on Science Research Writing Laureate Certification structured by Dr. Deborah Bedor.

Being in the Congress of Future Medical Leaders, Dharani will have the opportunity to make lifetime friendships with future colleagues and the opportunity to network with medical professionals and leading medical researchers. Dharani’s inspiration and motivation have helped him to focus on the academic goals that will propel his dream of becoming a cardiac surgeon – a dream that he has always envisioned.