Fort Bend County Health and Human Services Announces the Release of the Community Health Assessment (CHA) and Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP)

One of the essential functions of a public health department is to conduct a Community Health Assessment. Fort Bend County Health and Human Services (FBCHHS) have completed its first assessment since 2007. Fort Bend County Commissioners Court provided the necessary insight, leadership, and support that allowed FBCHHS to complete this muchneeded assessment while still addressing the COVID-19 pandemic. Many residents and community organizations, throughout the Fort Bend Region, have collaborated with FBCHHS to accomplish this goal. This Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the accompanying Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) will assist the County and our partners with the necessary information and support for programs that will serve our residents for years to come.

The CHA and CHIP are necessary first steps to address the evolving needs of our residents. Fort Bend County Health and Human Services will continue to encourage community led solutions by fostering education, engagement, and partnerships based on identified health priorities which include mental health, housing, obesity, heart disease and prenatal care. For community preventive health services, health education, presentations, and partnership opportunities, please email

The Community Health Assessment (CHA) and the Community Health Improvement Plan (CHIP) can be found online at