Commissioner Vincent Morales Fort Bend County Precinct Remains focused on and Enthusiastic about Fort Bend’s Future

COVER STORY | By M.G. Angulo –

Regina and Vincent Morales.

A little more than seven years ago, the idea of running for political office was the furthest thought from Vincent Morales’ mind. He was running a successful landscaping business with his wife Regina, and the couple found their community work satisfying.

“I had always been active in the community, particularly where my business was concerned, and both I and my wife were often engaged in economic development or philanthropic activities,” said Morales. “One day I was approached by then Rosenberg Mayor Joe Gurecky, who asked me to consider running for mayor when his term completed.”

Morales, intrigued by the suggestion, discussed the notion with his wife, and after they “talked, prayed and mulled it over,” Morales decided to run and was elected as the Mayor of Rosenberg in 2011. During his tenure, Morales accomplished securing long-term, cost-efficient potable water for the city of Rosenberg through his work with the Brazosport Water Authority.  “That took a great regional coordinated effort, vision and a little bit of good fortune to make it all come together, and in the end, it did.” Morales explained. “And although it wasn’t solely my achievement, I was also proud to be part of the team that secured a Texas State Technical College campus in Rosenberg.”

Morales’ term ended in 2015, but his desire to serve Fort Bend County through a political position did not. “I enjoy working and talking with people. I have a personal commitment and inner conviction to service and satisfaction. I don’t shy away from challenges or issues. I enjoy the satisfaction that comes from solving problems and working for a constituent base that comes from all walks of life, backgrounds and ethnicities.”

So, following his time as mayor, he ran for and was elected as Fort Bend County Commissioner Precinct 1 in 2016.  “I love local government,” Morales said. “In local government, you can lead and be a part of solving problems.”

Addressing Concerns & Creating Solutions

Proud grandparents Regina and Vincent with William, Parker and Madelyn Morales.

As commissioner, Morales, 63, said he “often views his precinct through the prism of a former mayor.”

Precinct 1 has 10 incorporated municipalities and most of them are very small, with limited staff, budgets and other resources.  “I know what it’s like to be in their shoes.  I know what it’s like to have a budget stretched thin while you are trying to provide quality services and maintain your infrastructure while being a good steward of the taxpayer’s money. So being able to support those mayors in achieving their goals in any way I can as commissioner is a great source of satisfaction for me personally.”   

Currently Morales is meeting needs by improving the Cummings Road area.  “I am proud of the work we have done and are continuing to do in the Cummings Road area,” he said of the area hit hard by each of the three previous floods. “We’ve taken lemons and are trying to make some lemonade. When we’re done, we will have been able to make some road improvements, drainage improvement and add street lights that the community has wanted for such a long time.”  Morales also created the Citizens Advisory Panel for fostering communication between the Longpoint Landfill and residents of that area.

Eula Greenwood, Debra Greenwood-Sharp, Johnnie Mae Greenwood, Regina Morales, Earnest Sharp and Commissioner Vincent Morales.

“Before I came into this office, open communication didn’t exist. Now we have quarterly meetings, and the landfill is trying to become a better neighbor in that community.”

Given the approval of Commissioner’s Court, Morales appointed a person from Needville and a person from Rosenberg to the Brazoria Fort Bend Rail District to have community representation on the board for the areas that the possible alignment of the rail may occur if constructed.  “I want and expect the project to have the least amount of impact in the communities.”

Morales also has his sights set on the smaller cities that sometimes are overlooked. “I am very pleased to have led in the creation of a County Assistance District for the Pleak area and look to create more next year.  County Assistance Districts are a great tool to help the smaller incorporated municipalities that don’t have the resources the bigger cities have for drainage and roadway improvements. Pleak will serve as a good model to the others.”

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