Tips for Staying Healthy in the New Year

The beginning of a new year represents an opportunity to make resolutions to affect change. What about setting some New Year’s resolutions to prevent infections before they happen to you?

1. Wash your hands frequently. Especially before and after preparing food, before eating and after using the toilet. And try not to touch your eyes, nose or mouth; that’s a common way germs enter the body.

2. Get vaccinated. Vaccination can drastically reduce your chances of contracting many diseases. Keep your recommended vaccinations current, as well as those of your children.

3. Safe sex. Sexually-transmitted diseases (STDs) are probably the most preventable infectious disease. By being smart about safe sex (using condoms), transferring infectious bacteria or viruses to another can be prevented.

4. Travel smart. Infectious diseases can easily be picked up while traveling, particularly when traveling to underdeveloped countries. Update all immunizations that are advised or required for your travel destination.

Infectious diseases can happen to anyone. Capital Infectious Disease Associates (CIDA) is a highly skilled team of infectious disease specialists founded by Dr. Sarfraz Aly, MD in 1998. CIDA has grown to become synonymous with compassionate, cutting-edge infectious disease care.  The team of board-certified specialists include Dr. Farheen Traiq, MD and Dr. Irma Alarcon, MD.  Each bring their own unique passion to the testing, diagnosis, treatment and management of a wide array of infectious diseases, including STDs, skin and soft tissue infections, complicated bone/joint infections, viral hepatitis, HIV/AIDS and COVID-19 to name a few.

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