T.W. Davis YMCA Receives Funding for After School Scholarships

The T.W. Davis YMCA has received $50,000 in funding to provide scholarships to approximately 60 children in the Fort Bend area for After School programs through the end of the school year.

Since Hurricane Harvey flooded hundreds of residences in the area, many parents are needing assistance with childcare, as their resources are allocated toward restoring their homes.

The YMCA is working with multiple schools in the area to identify families in need. The YMCA After School program provides children with a safe and nurturing place to go, homework assistance, a place to play with their peers, and an opportunity to engage in enrichment activities that support their academic curricula.

“Harvey has been devastating to the Greater Houston area, including Fort Bend County. We immediately applied for external funding, knowing that it could help dozens of families as they recover from the storm, said Jess Stuart, executive director for Community Development for the YMCA of Greater Houston. “The YMCA has always been about welcoming people and helping to meet their needs, and now we are able to step up to the plate during this tremendous time of need.”

Families who believe they may qualify for scholarships for YMCA After School care should contact the T.W. Davis YMCA or their local school. For more information, call 281-341-0791. T.W. Davis YMCA is located at 911 Thompson Hwy, Richmond.