Seabourne Creek Nature Park Now Home to 14 More Whistler Ducks

Photo by Brian Bellanger, TWRC.

Seabourne Creek Nature Park, located at 3831 Hwy 36 South, is now home to 14 more Black-Bellied Whistler Ducks. The ducks were brought to the park by the Texas Wildlife Rehabilitation Coalition (TWRC) after spending 75 days in the home-based rehabilitation facilities of Rosenberg-area residents Jennifer Bellanger and Teya Miller.

TWRC cares for both native and non-native Texas wildlife found in and around the Houston area, with a specialty in small mammals, migratory songbirds, small raptors and reptiles. Their goal is to rehabilitate with the intent to release back into the wild.

“We were honored to have Seabourne Creek Nature Park selected by TWRC to be the new home of these Black-Bellied Whistler Ducks,” said Parks Director Darren McCarthy. “The park is a perfect location for these ducks. It is over 209 acres of parkland, and to date, we have sited over 212 bird species. That, along with our many piers and pavilions, make it the perfect location for bird and duck watching.”

According to TWRC Board Member and wildlife rehabilitator Roslyn Even, the center has plans to release even more rehabbed animals at the park. “Our next release should be in about 3-4 weeks, and the whistler population should increase at the park to the point where the community will be able to enjoy seeing the whistlers more frequently. We also have plans to release other species, such as Mallard Ducks in the future.”

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