Ringing in 2023!

Kay and Jim Garrett ringing in the New Year! Cheers to 2023!

Happy New Year Brazos Readers! I hope your holidays were filled with family, love and laughter and that 2023 will be your best year yet!

It’s a New Year with new beginnings, traditions and resolutions for many. So, we reached out to several community leaders to see if they would share their resolutions with us. Thankfully, they did! I think you will be inspired by what we received and feel compelled to even write your very own. I have decided to choose a word for my resolution this year. It is “connection” meaning the act of connecting: a relationship with a person, thing or idea. The connection between two ideas. With this I’m hoping to reconnect with old friends and work to make new connections in my industry. What will your word be for 2023?

To help your kids shine and be their best in the New Year, our absolutely! Kid Friendly section has some amazing resources to help you find the perfect school. Check out the options available in our area on page 16.

Once again, Happy New Year! Let’s make 2023 the best one yet! I look forward to seeing you all out and about in Brazos!

Absolutely yours,

Kay Garrett