Richmond Receives Distinguished Budget Presentation Award for Ten Consecutive Years

Richmond Interim Finance Director Maritza Salazar and Mayor Evalyn Moore.

A Certificate of Recognition for Budget Presentation was presented to Maritza Salazar, Richmond’s Interim Finance Director, at the July regular Commission meeting.  When a Distinguished Budget Presentation Award is granted to an entity, a Certificate of Recognition is also presented to the individual primarily responsible for the City receiving the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award.

The Distinguished Budget Presentation Award is the highest form of recognition in governmental budgeting and reflects the commitment of Richmond’s governing body and staff on meeting these high principles.  It is awarded by the Government Finance Officers Association of the United States (GOFA), a major professional association servicing the needs of 19,000 appointed and elected local, state and provincial- level government officials.  There are 1082 participants, nationally, receiving this award for budget period through March 31st, 2019.

This is the tenth consecutive year the City of Richmond has received the Distinguished Budget Presentation Award. In order to receive this award, the City must satisfy nationally recognized guidelines for effective budget presentation, designed to assess how well the budget served as a policy document, a financial plan, an operations guide and a communications device.  The budget must not only rate proficient in these categories, but must also meet the fourteen mandatory criteria within these categories.