Needville Helping Neighbors

Needville Helping Neighbors, Inc. Secretary Amy Slater and Treasurer Amanda Aguilar.

In 2017, Hurricane Harvey devastated the Houston area and left so much destruction that changed peoples’ lives forever. Being from a small town outside of Houston, it was hard to see and listen to all of the heartache this dangerous storm caused.

Needville Helping Neighbors, Inc. President Carlile Pond.

In the mist of feeling helpless, three friends – Carlile Pond, Amy Slater and Amanda Aguilar – came together to help get something organized so that the families in Needville and the surrounding areas could get some relief. After a quick meeting, a drop off location for supplies was established, a Facebook page for Needville Helping Neighbors was made and a location where any goods that were donated could be sorted out and given to families in need. This project went on for months!

A flooded area in Needville during Hurricane Harvey.

After a year of watching the Facebook Page grow in numbers of new members and seeing the community coming together by requesting and volunteering to assist, the three decided in December of 2018 to make Needville Helping Neighbors an official non-profit organization. As they are working on assisting others, their hope is that the organization grows so that when another natural disaster occurs, the organization will have the means to assist families quicker and to be able to help as many as possible.  In the meantime, Needville Helping Neighbors, Inc. wishes to continue helping families who have fallen on hard times and continue to watch how the community comes together daily when a neighbor is in need of assistance.

For more information, Needville Helping Neighbors can be found on Facebook.