Meet Zach Zimos

By Joan Frances –

Students at Travis High School can be proud of what they have accomplished. With a well-rounded curriculum, students complete their school career knowing much more then academics. One senior who has achieved undeniable success and is ready to take the next step to a successful future is Zach Zimos.

During his years at Travis High School, Zimos has achieved perfect attendance and has consistently earned recognition on the A-B Honor roll. He is on his fourth year with the International Business & Marketing Academy  (IBMA). IBMA exists to provide students in Fort Bend the opportunity to develop skills in Business and Marketing. With the knowledge gained from this program, when Zimos graduates, he will be able to conduct basic accounting, marketing and management functions for a business.

Zimos favorite teacher was his English III teacher Coach Brandon Cervenka. “He makes class relatable to the real world and is always willing to help students who may be struggling in class. He is available before and after school and makes the assignments interesting and engaging.”

Zach Zimos with Travis High School principal Julie Diaz.

A value Zimos lives by is ambition. “No dream is too big, anything is possible and always be yourself.”

In addition to his academic accomplishments, Zimos is a highly recruited athlete. Throughout his high school career, he has played basketball, run track and is a three-year Varsity letterman in football playing outside linebacker. For the past two years, Zimos has been a Varsity football team captain. His leadership skills are highly respected, “Being a leader is fulfilling to me because you are classified one of two ways as a person: a leader or a follower. You can either lead by example or follow someone else’s lead. I choose to lead by example. There is a special bond that is achieved when a team spends so many hours together. Early mornings, staying positive through the grueling summer heat and the euphoric feeling that comes with winning. We laugh, we cry, we work together. I don’t give up, on myself or my teammates. We have developed friendships that no one will ever forget. I will always treasure the relationships I’ve built with my teammates, classmates, coaches, teachers and staff. The memories I have made at Travis High School will be with me for the rest of my life.”

In his free time, Zimos unselfishly donates his time to helping others. He has volunteered 75+ hours and will have over 100 hours by graduation. He participates in Young Life, where he experiences fun, adventurous, life-changing and skill-building projects with other high school students. Zimos is an Ambush mentor at Travis High School and was on the planning committee for Freshman Orientation this year. “This is a great leadership program where upper classman help guide freshman into this new environment of high school by answering questions and showing them around. I check their schedule, make sure they know where their classes are and introduce them to other students, administrators and teachers. The more people they know, the more comfortable they feel.”

Over the summer, Zimos also volunteered with Dream League and last year spent countless hours with his Travis teammates assisting families after Hurricane Harvey.

Zimos has verbally committed to play football at the University of Arkansas and will major in Business/Entrepreneurship. Congratulations Zach Zimos on your talent and generosity. We are looking forward to watching you move forward to a successful future and career.