Meet Wilfredo Guzman

Meet Wilfredo Guzman

By Joan Frances –

As a senior at George Bush High School, Wilfredo Guzman has experienced four years of learning from some of the most highly qualified teachers. He is engaged in high level academics and is involved in exciting extracurricular activities. With the knowledge he has acquired, he is looking forward to a promising future.

Guzman has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout his high school career. He has achieved Honor Role recognition and participates with the Gifted and Talented at his school. He is a member of the Math Honor Society and the Technological Student Association (TSA). He is also a member of the “Do Something Club,” an organization the raises awareness of events that don’t typically get talked about. They are a group of students who are extremely passionate about making a significant difference in the world – starting with the local community.

Guzman’s forte is sports. He has been on the Varsity Football team since sophomore year and Varsity Soccer since he was a freshman. In Varsity Football, he was given the KHOU Athlete of the Week honors. He has always been a starter on the Varsity Soccer team and received District Most Valuable Player (MVP) his junior year. He is currently trying to win it again for a second time in a row. He is the Varsity Soccer Captain and won All-Academic District and Newcomer of the year his freshmen year.

Guzman’s favorite teacher at Bush is Coach Vicente Sosa, the Varsity Soccer Coach. “I have always been cool with him since I was a freshman. He has been a mentor on and off the field to every player on the team and has always tried to help me improve my game no matter what. He taught me how to communicate effectively with other team members about details of the game during practice and to do the best I can as a leader.”

Guzman is also the Team Captain of the Sugarland Soccer Club. His leadership skills are admirable. “Being the Captain of the soccer team and leading the team is fulfilling to me because I know I am the type of person that can be relied upon and can handle pressure. I know how to connect with everyone, so that they can look up to me and follow my command with respect. I manage to bring out the best in everyone and make sure my team is giving it their all.”

One value Guzman lives by is res-pect. “I try to be the best version of myself, every day, not just for myself but also for those around me. Richard Branson said, ‘Colleagues should take care of each other, have fun, celebrate success, learn by failure, look for reasons to praise not to criticize, communicate freely and respect each other.”’

One thing that Guzman will treasure the most from his high school experience, Guzman recalled, “Is being able to come to school motivated to learn in the classroom about general subjects but also being able to grow and mature into a young adult ready for the real world.”

In addition to his commitment to academics and sports, Guzman is a talented gardener in the Guzman household, managing the yard and keeping the front of the house manicured.

This fall, Guzman will be attending Texas A&M University and will major in Electrical Engineering. Congratulations Wilfredo Guzman on your leadership skills and positive outlook on life. Good luck as you continue your journey to make an impact on society in your future.