Meet Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson

Tristan Thompson

By Joan Frances –

Foster High School in Lamar Consolidated ISD is committed to enabling every student to learn a wide variety of skills to take the next step in their future. Students graduate fully prepared to face the world as confident individuals. One senior who has accomplished an impressive resume of achievements is Tristan Thompson.

Tristan has earned a solid base in academics during his high school career. He is a member of the National Honor Society and is taking Advanced Placement classes this year. His forte is theater. He is a member of Foster High School’s theater program and the speech and debate program. He sings, acts and has been engaged in several productions at the school each year.

This past year, Tristan played the role of Piraguero in the production In the Heights and Tom in the play Gone Missing. In speech and debate, Tristan competes in duet acting, prose and dramatic interpretation. He has traveled on exciting trips to participate in local, state and national tournaments in the company of his teachers and friends. This past spring, they competed at the state level in Austin and advanced to the quarter finals. His troupe qualified for nationals this past summer and traveled to Nebraska. Tristan played the role of Tommy Ross in the group musical Carrie the Musical.  They won a superior title for their performance. In June, Tristan traveled with the theater troupe to New York to tour the city and see some Broadway shows.

300-tristian1Tristan has gained undeniable respect from his teachers and peers. He lives by the motto, “Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.” Tristan said, “I live by this value, because it’s the Golden Rule from the Bible. I treat people with fairness, kindness and compassion, because that is what we are called to do.”

Tristan’s favorite teacher is Kathryn Atkins, his teen leadership teacher. “She really built up my confidence and treated us all like young adults. She is a wonderful listener and cares so much about each of her students. She is certainly a role model for every student in her class and is truly a blessing for all who know her. I will never forget how special she made me feel in class.”

During his time outside of school, Tristan earned the Eagle Scout rank, the highest achievement in Boy Scouts. Just four percent of Boy Scouts earn this rank after years of hard work. Tristan learned much from this experience. “My leadership skills were cultivated during my time as a Boy Scout. I held many leadership roles, which lead to me achieving my Eagle Scout rank. The leadership skills I gained have allowed me to be a leader in theater, speech and debate and have helped me grow to be the person I am today. The discipline it takes to achieve success has helped me continue to push forward and to never give up in everything I do.”

Tristan had the privilege of auditioning for several universities in Nebraska and was honored to receive callbacks from several schools including Columbia University, Waldorf University, Texas Christian University and Drake University. He is very excited to audition for universities in Texas and surrounding states this December. Tristan plans to major in theatrical education and musical theater. Congratulations on your talent and ambition Tristan, and good luck as you make an impact on the world in your future.