Meet Kaylah G. Ashley

Kaylah G. Ashley

Kaylah G. Ashley

By Joan Frances –

George Ranch High School in the Lamar Consolidated School District sets the bar high in academics and extracurricular activities. Administration and staff take great pride in teaching all students the value of a well-rounded education. Seniors graduate with the knowledge and experience that will take them to the next step to become successful individuals. One senior who is a dynamically engaged leader is Kaylah G. Ashley.

Kaylah has taken Advanced Placement classes most of her high school career and is a member of the National Honor Society. As an active participant of Student Council for the past three years, she held the office of co-chair of energy and environment, parliamentarian, and this year, she is the treasurer. “I plan on executing projects that help the community and school become an amiable environment where everyone can reach their full potential,” Kaylah said. “To be a member of Student Council allows me to create a direct, positive impact, and as a bonus, it enables me to interact with leaders in the surrounding area, such as the Chamber of Commerce members.”

Kaylah was presented with the Most Improved Award, Student Leadership Award and Outstanding Student Award. Her favorite teacher is Erica Baker, her Student Council director. “She has helped me become a better leader in my school and community and always has the best intentions for me. While Mrs. Baker continues to challenge my thinking process, with her guidance, she has allowed me to think strategically about projects and how to work with school officials and adults, which I feel has allowed me to be a better person and leader. I can always go to her about any issue I have in school, and she will give me her truthful opinion that usually helps me figure out how to deal with the problem.”

200-kaylahIn addition to Student Council, Kaylah is involved with the theater program at George Ranch and has participated in productions such as The Amish Project, Joseph and the Amazing Technicolor Dreamcoat, Midsummer Jersey and Sweet Charity.

One value Kaylah lives by is her faith. “Philippians 4:13 says, ‘I can do all things through God who strengthens me.’ The faith I have in God gives me the strength to get through difficult days. I thank Him every day for the gift of my family and friends, and I know He will guide me in my future.”

Kaylah’s involvement in her school as a student and leader is what she treasures most. “My activities included serving three years on the Student Council board, being the class treasurer for three years, participating in theater for three years and planning in-school activities, which displayed my enthusiasm for my school and student body! I have been blessed to participate in organizations that have allowed me to make many connections with others. The positions I have attained in my high school career have allowed me to meet so many wonderful people who have impacted and contributed to who I am today.”

When she is not at school, Kaylah is engaged with the YMCA in Houston. She helps with various activities including planning service projects, day camps and child watch. She assists the staff in different projects that benefit the YMCA. Kaylah aspires to attend Hampton University in Hampton, Virginia and to major in biology. Congratulations on
your leadership abilities Kaylah,
and good luck as you continue to impact society.