Meet Julian Michael Salinas

Meet Julian Michael Salinas

By Joan Frances –

Churchill Fulshear Junior High School encourages students to participate in many activities to enhance their learning experience. In addition to highly qualified academics, sports and extracurricular activities continue to keep students engaged. Julian Salinas is a junior this year and already has accomplished more than most seniors at his school.

Salinas has always been an A-B honor student; currently he is taking Pre-Advanced Placement and AP classes. He is an avid musician, sings  and plays the drums, bassoon and guitar. He played basketball throughout junior high and his freshman year of high school, and he still plays with friends on the courts and supports his former teammates at games.

Salinas’ forte is bowling. He bowls out of Times Square Entertainment in Katy, and it consumes almost all his free time. “Since I am pursuing bowling at a collegiate level and plan to be pro immediately following graduation, my schedule is very busy preparing and training in four leagues and on the high school team, as well as with regional and national tournaments. So, I had to make a tough decision my freshman year to drop band and sophomore year to drop basketball due to scheduling conflicts.”

Salinas won the district and regional titles in his high school league his freshman and sophomore years, as well as coming in 4th at the National Junior Gold Tournament 2018 in Dallas, out of 700 U15 age boys. On July 5th, Salinas won the National Bowling Tournament “Teen Masters Championship” in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. He claims the 2019 title along with a hefty $6,000 scholarship.


Salinas’ favorite teacher is Michael Hlinak, who taught him Geometry. “Every day when I would walk into class, I always knew he would make my day better. No one could ever tell when he was having a bad day, and he made all of his students feel like family. Not to mention, he’s also simply a great teacher!”

A value that Salinas lives by is commitment. “To be the best that I can be at whatever I’m doing – to give it my all and make it happen. Anything I’ve ever participated in, no matter what it is, sports, art, music, schoolwork, I always have the mindset to be the best.”

Salinas leads by teaching beginning bowlers. “It’s a great feeling to be able to help others and set a good example for younger bowlers, show them things I have learned that are more in depth about bowling and keeping calm.”

In addition to his talent and passion for bowling excellence, Salinas is an artist and gives back through his artwork, regularly donating his time to help raise money for a range of fundraising groups and locals in need. “Every year I paint and auction to help raise money for the Luci Bonneau Striking Against Breast Cancer Tournament benefitting the X Out Breast Cancer Foundation,  which supports The Rose in Houston,  as well as Huntsman Cancer Institute in Salt Lake City, Utah. I also donate artwork throughout the year to benefit concerts and fundraisers for local people in need.”

Salinas’ online art page is now set to donate 10% of his art sales to Make A Wish Foundation. Every year he bowls to raise money for Fort Bend Substance Abuse Charity Bowling Event and again donates and paints live in the Songs for a Cause Breast Cancer Concert and Fundraiser. He is a three-year voluntary officer of the Greater Houston Youth Travel League serving as Sergeant of Arms.

Congratulations Julian Salinas for your undeniable talent and fortitude. We look forward to watching you continue your pursuit of distinction in the future.