Meet Jenavieve Hinton

Meet Jenavieve Hinton

By Joan Frances –

As a senior at Foster High School, Jenavieve (Jena) Hinton has achieved unprecedented success in academics and in the Fine Arts. She has established a reputation as a leader with a positive outlook and has attained respect from her peers and teachers.

Jena has taken AP courses throughout her high school career, and she plans to continue by taking five AP courses during her senior year. Last year, she achieved University Interscholastic League Current Events District Champion. This honor was achieved by receiving the highest score in the UIL District on a test covering current events in the world.

Jena is also a member of Foster High School’s Speech and Debate Team and Theater group. She was awarded Foster Theatre Varsity Class Best Attitude for the past two years based on her positivity and perseverance displayed throughout the school year. She is a member of Thespian Troupe 7961. The induction and status of membership in this troupe is based on the International Thespian Society’s point system to measure a student’s involvement in their school’s Thespian troupe activities. Last year, Jena held the office of treasurer and this year, she is president of the organization.  “Being a leader in theatre is important to me because it’s an opportunity to expose others to all of the ways theatre is valuable in our community,” Jena shared.  “Theatre is capable of teaching important life skills, and I want to make sure that everyone has access to that knowledge.”

As a recognized manager, Jena is a Texas State Thespian officer, granted by the Board of Directors of the Texas Chapter of the International Society based on the demonstration of strong leadership and organizational skills. Responsibilities include planning the Texas Thespians State Festival for  over 7,000  high school theatre students, as well as advocating for theatre’s importance in high school education. This past summer, she went on a week-long retreat with the other State Thespian Officers to begin planning the upcoming Thespian Festival.

Jena’s favorite teachers are Mr. Kasey Willeby and Ms. Kendra Willeby.  “I will always be endlessly grateful for the many opportunities they have given me to grow as both an actor and a leader. It’s incredibly reassuring to know that I have teachers who believe in my abilities as much as they do.”

One value that Jena always tries to live by is devotion.  “Whenever I begin an endeavor, I try to make sure that I’m completely committed to it and that I’m ready to see it through in its entirety. Even if the process gets a bit rocky, I love to feel like I’m giving my all to a project and getting as much out of the experience as possible.”

One thing Jena will treasure the most about high school is her experiences in theatre. “I think that my experiences in theatre will always influence who I am as a person.  Being a part of an  art form that is so reliant on your ability to leave yourself behind and inhabit another person’s point-of-view to live through their struggle teaches you an incredible amount of empathy. I believe that my exposure to theatre has not only given me a creative outlet throughout high school but also helped me on my way to becoming a more compassionate person.”

After graduating, Jena aspires to attend either the University of Texas at Austin or New York University next fall. She will major in either International Business or Anthropology. Congratulations, on your positive attitude and successful leadership skills. Good luck as you continue to follow your dreams in your future.