Meet Gracie Wilburn

300-gracieBy Joan Frances –

Gracie Wilburn, a senior at Travis High School in Richmond, has achieved many accomplishments during her high school career. From academics to fine arts, she has made an impact as a student who strives to contribute to her school’s success. Gracie’s positive attitude and contagious energy adds to her talent, and she is highly respected by her teachers and peers.

Gracie has taken all Pre-Advanced Placement, Honors and Advanced Placement (AP) classes throughout high school. She was a member of the student council and is in the process of joining the National Honor Society. She has received the A-B Honor Roll Award every year.

Her favorite teacher is David Householder, who teaches AP U.S. History. “I found his class to be fairly difficult, but he was always there to help me in his spare time,” said Gracie. “Besides being a great teacher, Mr. Householder would always ask me how my day was going, or if I had a problem, he would listen and give me some great advice. It was nice to know that I had a teacher who cared about me and had my back.”

Friends Gracie Wilburn, Haley Garrelts, Hannah Owen and Thora Judson.

Friends Gracie Wilburn, Haley Garrelts, Hannah Owen and Thora Judson.

Gracie is an actress and a member of the Travis Thespian Troup and the International Thespian Honor Society. She has performed since she was six years old. She enjoys acting and singing on stage, as well as
the technical, backstage activity. Last year, Gracie was bestowed with the Best Theater Student Award. “Being a senior in theater has taught me to lead by example. We are always teaching underclassmen, and I know my actions reflect on our troupe. Over the last four years, theater has been my life, and I don’t know who I would be as a person if I had never joined or met the people who are now my lifelong friends and family.”

In addition to her involvement in academics and theater, Gracie is a part of the Travis Scream Team, a group of students from all four grade levels who join in cheering at school sports activities. The high energy level of this vibrant group of spirited students keeps the energy level going at pep rallies and football games. Gracie fits right in. “One thing that I will treasure most about high school is all of the friends I’ve made and all of the fun activities I was able to participate in. From going to football games, homecomings and putting on plays for theater, I was always surrounded by people I love. Travis has given me so many great opportunities in life and overall helped me grow as a person.”

One value that Gracie lives by “is to always be positive. There have been times in my high school career that have been hard, but when you always have a spirited attitude, it can make challenges a lot easier. Your positive thoughts can spread onto other people as well. Maya Angelou said, ‘Everything influences each of us,’ and because of that, I try to make sure my experiences are positive.”

When she is not at school, Gracie volunteers at her church. She has participated at Vacation Bible School at Sacred Heart Catholic Church since she was in the sixth grade. She teaches Bible study every week at the church and enjoys the interaction with other students talking and teaching about God.

Next fall, Gracie will attend Louisiana State University and major in psychology. Congratulations on your undeniable spirit and energy Gracie. We wish you the best in your future education and life endeavors.