Meet Elizabeth Richey

Photo by Nesossi Studios.

By Joan Frances –

As a senior at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory in Richmond, Elizabeth “Lizzie” Richey has achieved academic, leadership and extracurricular successes. She has devoted her high school career to her mental and spiritual growth. With such an impressive resumé of accomplishments, Lizzie will be making an impact in the world in her future.

Lizzie has taken Advanced Placement classes throughout her years in high school. She is a proud member of the National Honor Society, Student Council, The International Thespian Society, Drama Club, Science Club, Yearbook, Art, Volleyball and Choir.  She was Student Council vice president her sophomore year, president her junior year, and plans to run again for president this year. She is also Chief Editor of Calvary Yearbook.

Lizzie’s favorite teacher is Lisa Mann. “She teaches our courses in an understanding way and is never hesitant to answer questions. Mrs. Mann plans events and takes pictures for our yearbook, and she constantly attends Calvary events. She is family-oriented and talks with us about her pets and children. I idolize her because of how welcoming she is. When you walk into her class, you feel at home and that you can do no wrong. She is my favorite teacher, because she makes you feel like you’re more to her than just a student.”

Lizzie Richey at the Lion King Jr. play. Photo by October Dawn Smith photography.

In addition to her commitment to academics, Lizzie is a leader. She has coached volleyball since her sophomore year and is the student trainer. She recalled, “Coaching volleyball has fulfilled me as I see the kids I teach learn and grow. I see them develop as they learn new things. I see the smiles they give at me when they score a point. I see their tears when we’ve lost a game. I see them cheer their loudest when we win a game. I know I am responsible for these students growing and developing as young athletes.”

For the past five seasons, she has also been the team captain of Club Volleyball. She was the tech manager of the drama club and a designated “wrangler” her junior year to guide the kids. She has also publicly debated in the Houston Area Model United Nations. Each year she worked as a Junior Counselor at the Annual Student Council Winter Retreat.  Lizzie read poetry in front of 30 people and the Mayor of Richmond, Evalyn W. Moore, on Lamar Day on January 26th. She also organizes and runs Thursday chapels at Calvary Episcopal Preparatory.

A value Lizzie devotedly lives by is spirituality and faith. “My spirituality has led me to where and who I am. You can change my name, my family, my friends or even my location, but you can never change my faith. God has all the answers to my questions. My faith has saved me from making mistakes and has guided me to success and happiness. Due to my faith, I am alive and fulfilled. Through God, I can do anything, and through God, I am.”

One thing Lizzie will treasure most about high school years are, “my relationships with my teachers, friends and family. I have grown incredibly close with everyone at Calvary, and I know it will hurt me dearly when I have to leave. These people are my second family.  They helped me develop into who I am, and I cannot thank them enough.”

Lizzie will apply to attend various universities throughout Texas and will major in business management and administration, with a possible minor in fine arts. Congratulations Lizzie on your amazing accomplishments and strong faith. Good luck, as you move forward to finding your place in society.