Meet Casey and Hunter Dworaczyk

By Joan Frances | Photos by Visual Studios –

Needville High School teaches their students to be outstanding leaders and compassionate citizens. Seniors graduate ready to take the next step in education and a successful career. Two brothers who have devoted countless hours to academics, extracurricular activities and volunteering are Hunter and Casey Dworaczyk.

The Dworaczyk twins are in the top 10% of their class and have taken Advanced Placement classes throughout their high school career. For the past four years, they have been members of Student Council; Casey serves as President and Hunter is Treasurer. They are also National Honor Society members.

The Dworaczyks had a difficult time choosing a favorite teacher. Casey said, “If I had to choose one, it would be my Pre-AP Physics teacher last year, Ms. Sherry Breedlove. I walked into her classroom on the first day of school and did not enjoy science. However, with her interesting labs and fun ways of remembering information, I enjoyed Physics.” Hunter said, “There are so many great teachers at Needville High School who have inspired and challenged me to do amazing things that I can’t pick just one. Growing up as a teacher’s kid, I understand the dedication it takes to produce the great learning environment I’ve experienced so many times at Needville High.”

The brothers are co-assistant editors for the Blue Jay Chatter school newspaper, and they advanced to Regional Competition at the University Interscholastic League (UIL) Journalism events this year.

In addition to their academic commitments, the Dworaczyks are members of the Needville High School Band. Casey is a Marching Leader and Social Officer and Hunter is Council Secretary. They perform with the Theater Group at the school and are also members of the International Thespian Society. Both are highly respected leaders. Casey said, “Being a leader has been extremely fulfilling to me. As a marching leader in band, we started all the way back in May teaching the incoming freshmen the proper marching fundamentals. Not only did I assist them with marching, I also modeled how to be a great team player and show school spirit and pride.”

Hunter recalled, “I get to witness how my advice and example positively affect the people involved. Watching them grow, develop and become more confident in the activity at hand has to be the best part of being a leader.”

Casey values patience. “If you are patient and understanding of others, they are more apt to respond positively and accomplish the task set out in front of them.” Hunter believes in positivity. “Enjoyment of and positivity toward an activity leads to passion and passion, can raise the level of performance to new heights. As a leader, I think it is important to make sure your group is absolutely pumped about whatever it may be.”

The Dworaczyk twins treasure the friendships they have made and how much the community embraces the school and its students.

When they are not working at academics or extracurricular activities, the Dworaczyks devote many hours to volunteering for their school and community. They tirelessly lead, direct, help and assist at fundraisers at many levels. The brothers are also founding members of the Youth Council at St. Michael’s Catholic Church.

After graduation, the twins will attend Wharton County Junior College. Casey aspires to attend Texas A&M University to major in Pre-Law, and Hunter will transfer to the University of Texas at Austin to major in Journalism. Congratulations Casey and Hunter Dworaczyk on your leadership skills and humanitarian compassion for your peers and community. Good luck as you continue to use your philanthropic talents to improve this world in your future.