Meet Austin Bertness

Austin Bertness

By Joan Frances –

As a senior at Travis High School, Austin Bertness has achieved success in all aspects of his high school career. From academics to sports to volunteer work, Austin has devoted his time to contributing to the success of his life and future.

Austin has earned recognition for achieving AB Honor Role all four years of high school. He is an AMBUSH mentor for incoming and current freshmen and involved in the Chick-fil-A leadership academy. He is also a member of Fellowship of Christian Athletes Young Life (FCA), a bible study group. He is a talented athlete earning a three-year letterman status for varsity baseball and varsity football.

Austin is a dedicated student to his school, athletic career and his faith. “I believe that demonstrating dedication to everything I do with school work, football, baseball and my faith in God is important to achieve success,” shared Austin.  “If I say I’m going to do something or set my mind to something, I need to have the integrity to get it done.  Nothing will stand in my way no matter what the circumstances.  My senior year of football is a great example. First, because of Hurricane Harvey, several weeks of games and practice were cancelled. Unfortunately, I broke my arm in the first play of our first district game. I was so disappointed.  I just kept thinking nothing is going to change my approach to life or the game or stop me from accomplishing the goals I set for myself last June.  I intended to give myself the best chance I could to prepare my body and mind to play college athletics. After six weeks of dedicated rehabilitation and conditioning, I was able to play in our last district game and the first game of playoffs. I accomplished the goals I set for myself.”

Austin’s leadership skills are admirable. “Being a leader in sports is fulfil-ling to me because it is so special when you see your team members believe what you believe in. There is something special about seeing the team accomplish things they didn’t think were possible. Knowing you played a role in helping your teammates accomplish their best is really satisfying.”

Austin with his parents Denise and Mike

Austin’s favorite teacher is Coach Matthew Yelvington. Austin explained, “He is the head of Young Life, a student Christian youth group, that I have been a member of all through high school.  He kept me focused on actions and behaviors that would shape my future, and he has always cared about my well-being throughout high school.”

One thing Austin will treasure the most from high school are his friends. “I will always remember my close friends and new friends I have made. The relationships I have established with my teachers, staff and coaches, I will remember for the rest of my life.”

In addition to his busy schedule at school, Austin volunteered after Hurricane Harvey to help clean up those affected by the storm. He spent several weeks volunteering at the Travis High School kids football camp and enjoyed volunteering at League of Champions, a baseball league for special needs players.

Austin is still evaluating universities and programs that will fit his goals. He will be visiting several campuses and will make his final decision in the spring. He aspires to find a university that will allow him to fulfill his dream of collegiate sports with the right academic curriculum. Congratulations Austin on your dedication and faith. Good luck as you take the next step to a successful future.