May – June 2017 – Exclamation Points!

Kassidi and Kolton Kaminski.

Mothers and Their Babies

May is absolutely one of my favorite months of the year because after all, it is the month when we celebrate one of the best things in my life: being a mother. As my babies have gotten older – Kassidi now 246 months and Kolton now 216 months old – my role as a mother has not diminished one bit.  The needs have changed, but they are equally as important at 246 months – and more expensive – as they were at 12 months.  And speaking of expensive, you really can’t put a price on a mother’s love.  If you need some ideas to help you celebrate mom, we can help.  Check out our Hearts & Flowers Gift Guide on page 28. There are some great ideas to help your mom feel extra special.

Houston Methodist Sugar Land Hospital’s amazing Neuroscience & Spine Center physicians and therapists are all about making patients feel extra special and getting them back to a productive lifestyle. In our cover story, we share Debbie Gibbs’ incredible story of relearning life after a stroke.  Her team of professionals got her back on her feet, back with her family.

The older – and wiser – I get, I do realize my mother was right: it’s all about family. We pray we are raising them right, and so many times, our babies rise to the occasion. Last year when Kassidi went back to college, she responded to a Facebook post where a young lady wrote an extremely negative message about women who were members of sororities in college and were now mothers. Well, I was a member of a sorority in college, as is my daughter, and my baby girl took offense.  She responded, “I take an incredibly personal issue with anyone who – directly or indirectly – attacks my mother. MY mother is a bad—. In college, she was a member of a sorority, and she now has a daughter who followed her suit. And my mother, without a doubt, is one of the strongest, most intelligent and beautiful people to ever grace this planet. As one who bears the responsibility of the writer’s pen, you do not have the privilege or the audacity to insult the very women who sacrifice so much to raise their daughters to be independent and respectable women. Unless you want to send thousands of people into an immediate frenzy, do NOT insult someone’s mother. Ever.”

Happy Mother’s Day ladies.

Absolutely yours,