Fort Bend’s First Family

Photo by Memories by Elvia

Photo by Memories by Elvia

By Patti Parish-Kaminski –

Giving begins at home. As children, we are taught to give by our role models – our parents, our family members – to give.  Whether it is of our time, our talents or our money, giving is a value that traditionally begins at home and is often combined with a legacy of leadership. Leadership and giving are two of the core values that Rosenberg Mayor Vincent M. Morales, Jr. and Regina Klingle Morales not only embody themselves, they raised their sons to do just that: lead and give.

Family Leadership

When you meet the Morales family, one thing becomes clear:  their dedication to the community that they love.  Matriarch Regina Klingle Morales was born in Fort Bend, her father, Doc Klingle, graduated from Lamar Consolidated High School in 1954, and her great uncle, Ervin Muegge, served as Fort Bend County Commission Precinct 1 for 12 years in the 50’s and 60’s.  “As a child, my parents instilled in me the value of community,” said Regina. “Your neighbors were your lifelines, and community meant more than just the place where you live. It was the place where you lived, worked and raised your children. Community was something that you nurtured and valued, and for our family, it still is today.”


The Morales family – Vincent, Regina, Brooke and Justin – celebrating Justin’s birthday in Galveston.

The Morales’ family legacy of public service that began with Regina’s ancestors is alive and well today.  As president of the Central Fort Bend Chamber, Regina’s focus is on community development by serving as a resource to both current and new businesses, a role that she knows well as an economic development practitioner in Texas for nearly 20 years.  During her tenure as Economic Development Director for the City of Sugar Land, the projects that Regina helped bring to our community are significant and include Constellation Field, Sugar Land Town Square, numerous corporation relocations such Minute Maid and the future Sugar Land Performing Arts Center.

“Economic development is about more than dollars and jobs,” said Regina.  “Economic development is about quality of life. It’s about creating and maintaining a well-rounded, strong community that will continue to prosper for our children and grandchildren.”

Regina’s commitment – and vision – is shared by her husband of 37 years, Vincent, who has served as mayor of Rosenberg since 2011, and has an equally impressive resume when it comes to economic development and public service. “Fort Bend is one of the fastest growing counties in Texas,” said Mayor Morales.  “It’s not just luck that so many people want to relocate here.  All of our non-profit organizations and municipalities work hard to create a community that will sustain our projected growth and provide an exemplary quality of life for generations to come.”

Vincent and Justin Morales volunteering as “Men Who Cook” for the Lamar Educational Awards Foundation.

Vincent and Justin Morales volunteering as “Men Who Cook” for the Lamar Educational Awards Foundation.

As mayor, Morales has assisted Rosenberg with achieving major milestones in economic development, infrastructure and education.  Several companies have relocated or expanded their headquarters in Rosenberg, and in September of 2014, the City of Rosenberg entered into a Memorandum of Understanding with Paragon Outlet Partners to develop a 400,000 square foot outlet mall in Rosenberg.  Two new business parks are currently in development in the town designated as “The Hub of the Gulf Coast,” and an agreement with Brazosport Water Authority (BWA) has secured the delivery of three million gallons of treated surface water a day to the City creating a sustainable water supply.

While public service is an integral part of both Vincent and Regina’s life, their son, Chris, is also committed to service.  A former practicing attorney in Fort Bend with a guiding philosophy of providing service above all else, in November of 2014, Chris was elected as Judge of County Court at Law Number 1.  And mom and dad couldn’t be prouder.

“Chris has seen his mom and I work countless hours to provide for our family and our community,” said Mayor Morales.  “His commitment to helping those who need regardless of their ability to pay in his law practice can now be translated into providing justice for all.  Regina and I are very proud to call our son Judge.”

Proud grandparents Regina and Vincent with Madelyn and William Morales.

Proud grandparents Regina and Vincent with Madelyn and William Morales.

Family Business

Morales family pride also extends to another important part of their lives:  the family business.  In 2004, the Morales family started GreenScape Associates, LLC, a landscape management, design and build firm serving residential and commercial clients.  After 23 years of industry experience, Vincent located the new firm in Rosenberg with Regina and son Justin as an integral part of the leadership team.

With an impressive clientele serving the region which includes OakBend Medical Williams Way, San Jacinto River Authority, Hines Development, Lamar Consolidated ISD and numerous school districts in the Houston area, municipal utility districts and residential developments, the Morales family has built their business with the same philosophy of giving and service.  And my, how their garden – or business – has grown.

“Regina, Justin and I began GreenScape Associates, LLC with a few key clients, and today, our business has grown exponentially. We have grown our GreenScape family and have doubled our revenues with continued sales growth projected this year,” said Mayor Morales, who attributes much of the success to son Justin, especially over the past four years during his tenure as Mayor.

“I have devoted much of my time to my service as mayor of Rosenberg.  Fortunately, Justin has stepped up and taken the lead to insure the growth and success of our family business. As Vice President and General Manager, Justin has taken GreenScape from a small family business to a major landscape contractor. His hard work and commitment to our family philosophy of service is something Regina and I are very proud of.”

Family Giving

Vanessa, Chris, Regina and Vincent Morales at the 2015 Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce’s Chairman’s Masquerade Ball.

Vanessa, Chris, Regina and Vincent Morales at the 2015 Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce’s Chairman’s Masquerade Ball.

While public service and the family business are paramount to the Morales family, giving is equally as important. Attend virtually any non-profit event in Fort Bend, and you will see the Morales family footprint either as a volunteer or donor.

Vincent has served on several boards including Child Advocates, the Rosenberg Development Corporation, the Rosenberg Railroad Museum and OakBend Medical Center Advisory, Lamar Education Foundation Awards and I-69 Alliance. He is actively involved in the two Fort Bend chambers, has served as honorary chair of many fundraising events with Regina and participants as a “man who cooks” in the Lamar Educational Awards Foundation’s annual fundraising event. His partner in Men Who Cook is, of course, son Justin. 

Justin has volunteered for numerous organizations including the American Red Cross, the Rosenberg Railroad Museum, Lamar Education Awards Foundation, and the Young Professional Division of the Central Fort Bend Chamber Alliance. In 2012, he received the Young Professional of the Year Award from the chamber for his leadership of the organization. His wife, Brooke, also volunteers for the American Red Cross, Lamar Education Awards Foundation and the Rosenberg Railroad Museum. 

Regina has served in leadership capacities benefitting community organizations including AccessHealth, OakBend Hospital, Fort Bend Museum, Sugar Land Heritage Foundation, Achieve Fort Bend and the American Red Cross. Following in the family footsteps, Chris has volunteered for CASA, Constellation Foundation and the Houston Livestock Show & Rodeo, and he served as the chairman of the Young Professionals Division of Fort Bend Chamber of Commerce. His wife, Vanessa, has also volunteered for the Rosenberg Railroad Museum.

“I’ve known the Morales family for over 17 years, and their legacy of service is what makes them unique,” said Joe M. Gurecky, former mayor of Rosenberg.  “Vincent and Regina have raised their family instilling the core values of service leading by example.  The entire Morales family is an asset to our community, and I look forward to seeing Chris, Justin and their children continue the legacy of service exemplified by their parents.”

Family Future

With Regina at the helm of the Central Fort Bend Chamber, Justin running the family business and Chris on the bench, the future for the Morales family is bright.

Securing the future and passing on their legacy of service is more important now than ever before for Vincent and Regina, proud grandparents of Madelyn and Willliam, and a new Morales grandbaby soon to arrive.   

“Our hearts are in Fort Bend,” said Regina. “We live here, we work here, we have raised our sons here, and now, our grandchildren are being raised here. The Morales family commitment to community through our service and our business is here to stay.”