Bargain White Wines Under $10

By Amy Gross –

Although our neighbors to the north may have moved on to red wines and cooler temperatures, here in Fort Bend we can still enjoy refreshing white wines in November. And, refreshing white wines don’t have to be expensive.

Here are some of my favorite bargain white wines. All of these wines cost less than $10 for a 750 mL bottle, and any of these would be great for a fall party.

Here’s to saving money and enjoying wine!

$8 Indaba Sauvignon Blanc

I’ve tried this one several times, most recently at Disney’s Animal Kingdom Lodge, and every time I do, I’m glad. It’s got that great Sauvignon Blanc zing that cuts right through your palate without being abrasive.

$8 Fetzer Shaly Loam Gewurztraminer

The first time I tried this one, I was given it as a gift. It has since become a house bargain favorite. Every person who has tried this at my house has enjoyed it, and it is so easy to find. Wine snobs, look away. Everyone else, give it a try!

$9 PopCrush White Blend

I picked this one up at Target because the label was so pretty, and I just had to know whether I would like the wine inside. I was delighted when I found that I did. It has hints of apricot and a fuller body than I anticipated. Plus, it was a favorite at a recent mom pedicure party.

$7 Santola Vinho Verde

I love this crisp Vinho Verde with shrimp or any shellfish, actually. It’s also fantastic with creamy cheeses and almonds on a cheese board. It’s super cheap but doesn’t taste that way at all. It’s almost always in stock at H-E-B and Central Market.

$12 Franzia Crisp White, for a Box

Yep, I’m going there. This is my boxed wine of choice. It’s always a crowd-pleaser. You can even serve it in a carafe, and no one will know it’s boxed wine!

$8 BanditPinot Grigio

It’s crisp, refreshing and perfect for a picnic or outdoor party, as it’s not in a glass bottle.

$9 Relax Riesling

My mother-in-law picked this one up, and I’m glad she did. Fun bottle, fun name and great wine.